Continental Values

Experience Clarks Inn Shibli Values & Spirit

Clarks Inn Shibli is conceived and designed with coexisting values & enthusiastic spirit to meet the basic and specialized requirements of our cherished guests &travelers. There are many other aspects that you have to consider the Clarks Inn Shibli while making a choice for a better hospitality, like:
  • From tech-enabled spaces to inspired design,
  • From affordable luxury to chic boutiques,
  • From value-driven essentials to pampered indulgence,
  • Each property & hospitality unit exhibits the unique essence withfragrance of its destination to make you feel a personalized experience beyond imagination that you'll find only in the best heritage hotels of the world.
  • Weassure you a stay that is delightful and memorable throughout the journey & life.
  • Moreover, our goal is to be a brand in hospitality that guests love coming back to. We deliver this with a portfolio of service spectrums that resonate with superior standards in accommodation, cuisine, employee behavior, and facilities.

A tryst with Indian cooking

As our diverse regions, religions, cultures, etc. make the country rich and different from others so our taste of Indian curry. You can taste all Indian recipes, states preferred dishes along with local varieties and flavors at Clarks Inn Shibli . Here you can immerse yourself in the real taste of India. Our Chef will introduce you to the art of dishing out a meal one might find in Indian home and will present you with recipes that are easy to recreate for your friends and family. Like

Bihari Kabab : One of the world famous dishes of Bihar
LittiChokha: One of the traditional dish of Bihar.
Rogan Josh: one of the signature dishes of Kashmir,
Butter Chicken: every Punjabi takes pride in his food,
Bhapaa Aloo: Bengalis like its flavor,
BanjariGosht: authentic Rajasthani flavours
Kakori Kebab: a famous Nawabi recipe from Lucknow,
Hyderabadi Biryani: rice with spice, mixed with tender pieces of meat or chicken,
Dhokla: prefferedrecipein Gujarat.
SaliBoti: Parsi’s choice of mutton curry
Idli & Sambhar: South Indian special dish
Vegetable recipes like Bhindi Masala, Aloo Matar, Matar Paneer, Aloo Palak, Mix Veg Curry, Gobi Manchurian & many more.
Indian cooking

Front Office Management

Front Office Management services are controlled and discharged by well qualified, experienced and thoroughly focused team of experts in different units including Reservations, Travel Desk Management, Reception and Call Management to fulfill the needs and trust of our guests.

Housekeeping Management

Ourtrained and experienced professionals supported by modern technologies manage the entire spectrum of Housekeeping services, ranging from Room and Public Area Solutions, Pest Control, Facade Cleaning and Horticulture Services, to Heavy Cleaning for both indoor & outdoor areas.

Housekeeping team works round the corner in making successful each & every meeting, program and schedule of customers.
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Food & Beverage Management

You will experience and enjoy efficient Food & Beverage Management services full of quality and different varieties commensurate with global standards. Appropriatemodern technology and processes are used by our learned and experienced Chef across the dishes of our menu to ensure a perfect balance of nutrition and taste.

With its capacity, expertise and experienced team, SHIBLI is geared to cater a gathering of I0 to 2000 people at a time, depending on your need. We have a devoted team to manage, serve and execute any program like wedding, convocation and special events to perfection with élegance.

Our Values

Better service standards don't enhance efficiencies on the floor only, but the organization's public image as well. Be it in managing rooms, front office, food & beverages,

housekeeping, engineering, security services or corporate training, SHIBLI's Corporate Hospitality Services division deliversits competencies to prove promises across the value chain.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a mandated practice in the business community; instead, it is something extra that companies do to improve their local and global communities.

Although, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very broad concept that addresses different fields to improve such as human rights, education, sanitation, orphanage, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and contribution & donation to economic development. Moreover, the main purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.

Likewise, at SHIBLI, we work with a thought & viewthat what comes from the society, must go back to it in kinds. The company is deeply committed to serve the community, both in the short term as well as the long term. Be it providing relief funds during natural calamities or celebration of Children's Day at orphanage homes, bringing happiness within the reach of the underprivileged is central to our core values.