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Well connected through Air, Railway & Road.
Well connected through Air, Railway & Road.
Nearest airports is Patna 80 kms, Gorakhpur 70 Kmsfrom city.
Siwan city has its railway station.
City bus stand provides bus services to & from Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Patna & other big cities.

Siwan Continental / GlobalImportancein History

The name of Siwan comes from Bandh king’s name “Shivan Man” or Bhojpuri word ‘Siwan’ i.e. ‘border of a place.
"Siwan is the district where Lord Buddha took his last meal at the house of Sonar Chund at Papaur,” said Researcher Krishna Kumar Singh.
In 8th century, Siwan was part of Banaras Kingdom.
Dutch ruled Siwan in 17th century followed by British.
It was made a part of Bengal after the battle of Buxar (1764) .
Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first President of Independent India, belonged to Jiradei, a village in Siwan district.
Maulana MazharulHaque, known for promoting Hindu Muslim Unity during freedom movement, also comes from Siwan.
During the Champaran Movement Mahatma Gandhi stayed at Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s house at Jiradei.The chowki on which Mahatma slept is still preserved there.
Siwan was separated from Saran district in 1976.
Well connected through Air, Railway & Road.

Places of Interest for Tourists

Zeeradei:13 km from the headquarters known as the birthplace of India’s first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad,
Ashiana: The native residence of Maulana MazharulHaq
Mahendra Nath temple: About 32 km, Lord Shiva temple attracts local and foreign visitors.
ThaweMaaDurgaMandir: The Temple of MaaThawewali is situated in Thawe, It is only 26 km from Siwan
Japan Srilanka Temple: Having a famed eight metal statue of Gautam Buddha which was transported from Japan, Indo - japan 72 km from Siwan.
Chinese Temple – Kushinagar: Also Dubbed as Lin sun Temple, the temple has a majestic statue of Lord Buddha which allures the tourists from all across the globe. 72 km from Siwan
Wat Thai Temple – Kushinagar: One of the main sacred places of Buddhist followers, 72 km from Siwan.
MathaKuar Shrine – Kushinagar: MathaKuar Shrine houses a statue of Buddha which is believed to have been constructed of a single stone. 72 km from Siwan
Meditation Park – Kushinagar: Meditation Park boasts of water bodies with bright green exquisiteness making it a perfect destination for meditation.72 km from Siwan
And many other places of interest are nearby like,Anand Bagh Math & Sunder Bagh Math, Burhiya Mai Temple, Faridpur, Don, etc.


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